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1 absent-minded dreaming while awake [syn: revery, daydream, daydreaming, oneirism, air castle, castle in the air, castle in Spain]
2 an abstracted state of absorption [syn: revery]

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First attested circa fourteenth century, “caper, frolic,” from reverie, “revelry,” from resver, “to dream, rave,” of uncertain origin. Modern sense of “daydreaming” is first attested 1657.



reverie or revery
  1. A state of dreaming while awake
    “Defago looked up quickly, as from an interrupted reverie, a reverie, however, that had not prevented his seeing all that went on about him.”


a state of dreaming while awake



  1. reverie, any form of dreaming (e.g. daydreaming, dreaming, and thinking)


ro-noun-f-ie reveri

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Walter Mitty, absence of mind, absentmindedness, absorption, abstractedness, abstraction, amnesia, bad dream, bemusement, brown study, castle-building, catalepsy, cataplexy, catatonic stupor, close study, concentration, contemplation, contemplativeness, daydream, daydreamer, daydreaming, daze, deep thought, depth of thought, dream, dream state, dreaming, engrossment, fantasy, fantasying, fit of abstraction, fugue, fugue state, hypnotic trance, incubus, meditation, melancholy, mooning, moonraking, muse, musefulness, musing, muted ecstasy, nightmare, pensiveness, pipe dream, pipe-dreaming, preoccupation, profound thought, reflectiveness, sleepwalking, somnambulism, speculativeness, stargazing, study, stupor, thought, thoughtfulness, trance, vision, wistfulness, woolgathering
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